April 12, 2016

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Mother’s Day Message



PHCC 5th Sunday of Easter Worship

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I pray that this note finds you safe and well.

I’ve made an audio recording of the attached service which is available on Google’s Cloud which can be played by selecting this link…


Thanks to all of you who continue to mail your offering checks to the church. I know that it’s a difficult time for many of you. I will continue to stop at the church every day to pick up mail and make weekly bank deposits. Sending in a check to support the church may not be a priority, but unfortunately, we still do have expenses that need to be paid and your donations make that possible.

Again, for those who’d like to watch a video recording of Sunday’s service, you’ll find Rev. Stephen M. Norden and our own Rev. Sarah Palsma’s New Hope Church’s worship service in Columbus, Ohio, at


Be safe, be well, pray often, wash your hands, and may God bless you all!

Randy Karcher

Elder-VP, Pitcher Hill Community Church