September 5, 2016

Worship Schedule

Pitcher Hill Community Church
September 1, 2020

Changes occurring in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.
To comply with New York State’s Guidance for Religious Operations of Faith-Based
institutions during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, Pitcher Hill will be instituting
the following steps for all activities taking place at the church.
 The primary door to be used will be the church’s Narthex doors. The side ramp door
should be used for those who need the handicap entrance only. The Office and Kitchen
doors will normally remain locked and should only be used for those going to those
specific locations.
 Any individual who is over age two and able to medically tolerate a face-covering must
cover their nose and mouth with a mask or cloth face-covering when within the building.
Individuals who fail to comply with the face covering or mask requirements will be
denied admittance.
 To aid in contact tracing if it is needed by the county, everyone entering the building
must have their name (printed please) a phone number where they can be reached, and
their temperature recorded in a logbook that will stay at the church. A separate logbook
will be maintained for each group using the church. Temperatures will be taken by an
FDA approved non-contact thermometer.
 If you are sick or have a fever, of 100.3 or greater, for the benefit of all, you will be
asked to leave and be denied entry.
 There are touchless hand sanitizer stations at the entry doors and sanitizer will be
available throughout the building to be used along with disinfecting wipes.
 Social distancing of 6-feet or greater separation should be maintained at all times
within the building as much as possible. Restrooms, the elevator/lift, and other small
spaces should be limited to one individual at a time except when necessary.
 In the sanctuary, only every other pew, those not marked off with red ribbon may be
used. Only family members who are living together will be allowed to sit together.
 Worship services and other activities should allow for most activities to be done sitting
as much as possible. As it is possible, activities should be shortened in length as NYS
guidelines recommend to limit exposure.
 As NYS guidelines require that any singing activity must provide for a distance
between individuals of at least twelve feet, singing will no longer be a part of worship
 There will be no shaking of hands or hugs except between family members who are
living together at any time. Worship services may continue to include the passing of the
peace, just not physically.
 Church bulletins and other items that would normally be passed out should be placed
on a table for individuals to take themselves. In the Sanctuary, a basket of small bottles
of hand sanitizers will be left for those who would like to use one; please place them in
the container for them when exiting. Collection plates will be left on a table in the back
of the Sanctuary for people to use when entering or exiting; they will not be passed out.
 The pews have been emptied of all hymnals, Bibles, and all other materials. At the
end of worship/activities in all areas, individuals must be reminded to take out
everything with them; nothing should be left behind for others to pick-up.
 Communion when done as part of worship, will be done using pre-filled Communion
cups that will be left on a table at the back of the Sanctuary for individuals to take; they
will not be passed out.
 Everything touched by anyone; pew backs, door handles, tables, light switches, etc.
will be wiped down with disinfecting wipes before the building is left and locked up for
the next group/day. This will be done so that every new group entering the building will
know that it is safe to do so.
 As required by NYS guidelines, checklists, and logs that include the date, time, and
scope of cleaning and disinfection will be kept and updated by each group using the
The complete New York State’s Guidance for Religious Operations of Faith-Based
institutions during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency can be found at
Direct questions to:
Randy Karcher
Elder-VP, Pitcher Hill Community Church
605 Bailey Rd
North Syracuse, NY 13212-4007
(315) 457-5484 (office)