May 3, 2016

Memorial Fund Policy

The Stewardship and Finance Committee will have the responsibility of overseeing Memorial Gifts whether in monetary or physical form including making recommendations to Consistory for expenditures from a pre-approved list or the acceptance of other memorial gifts.

Consistory must approve expenditures or acceptance of memorial gifts.

No physical memorial gift may be disposed of without recommendation from the Stewardship and Finance Committee and the approval of Consistory.  In the event that such a gift is disposed of, the record of the gift will continue to be a part of church records.

All Memorial Gifts of money or property will be recorded in the Memorial Gift Book in the Memorial Register Stand for permanent record.  A separate listing will be placed in a secure location in the church office records.

A list of appropriate uses for Memorial Gift funds or physical donations will be compiled by requesting input from each committee, i.e. Worship, Christian Education, Buildings and Grounds, Congregational Life and Stewardship and Finance.  This list will be revisited and updated on an as needed basis.  The list will also be made available to the congregation in the church office.

Specific suggestions or wishes of the family for whose loved one the donation is made will be considered by the Stewardship and Finance Committee in making its recommendations to Consistory for approval.

Money placed in the Memorial Gift Fund will be restricted for that use only according to the policy outlined above.