April 12, 2016

Our Mission

Diaconal Ministries Mission Statement

 We will equip the congregation for sharing the good news of Christ in daily life and guide the congregation in supporting worldwide efforts to bring people to Christ.  Also, we will encourage the congregation to share Christ’s examples of love and compassion for humankind through the process of benevolent giving and service to those in need.

Mission Responsibilities

 1)    Plan and guide a process of evangelism to train the congregation to bring friends and neighbors to new life in Christ.
 2)     Assist other groups within the church in addressing evangelism opportunities in activities involving non-members.

3)     Work with the congregation to make the church friendly to visitors.

 4)     Encourage awareness and share knowledge of the Reformed Church in America and its mission efforts throughout the world.

5)   Communicate with missionaries supported by our congregation.

 6)   Develop within the congregation awareness of human and spiritual needs within our community, region, country, and world.
7)   Provide structured opportunities for the congregation to respond to identified human and spiritual needs.

8)   Publicize our church life and program to the community.

9)   Guide the consistory in distribution of benevolent gifts to address local, regional and worldwide needs.

Buildings and Grounds Mission Statement

 To provide and maintain a physical environment which creates a positive atmosphere for sharing the Good News of Christ with the congregation, the community, and the world.

Mission Responsibilities

1)    To incorporate the larger part of the congregation in the work of the Committee.  Meeting held once per month.
2)   To maintain and improve the buildings of the church and the properties owned by the church.
3)   To support and supervise the church custodian.  The chairperson of the Committee sits on the Personnel Committee for purpose of monitoring and evaluating employees of the church.
4)   To approve requests for use of church facilities and property through Consistory.
5)   To monitor the care and use of the buildings and property and communicate needs in that regard.
6)   To designate areas for storage of supplies for individuals and groups in the church.

7)   To provide/coordinate security for the buildings.

8)   To report monthly to Consistory.

Christian Education Mission Statement

 The mission of the Christian Education Committee is to provide opportunities for people of all ages to develop into faithful disciples of Jesus Christ within our congregation, in our community and throughout the world.

Mission Responsibilities

 1      Plan and guide programs of teaching the word of God to our children, youth and adults.

2     Provide support and training for educational leaders (church school teachers, youth group leaders, story tellers, etc.).

   Provide opportunities within the context of the Christian church to learn about the Reformed Church in  America.
4    Provide programs and opportunities for youth ministries.
5    Provide programs and opportunities for our congregation and community to share Christian love and compassion within our community and world. (Parent to Parent, Project Timothy, Bible School, Recreation-Arts & Praise)
6    To publicize all Christian Education programs and opportunities to church members and visitors.
7   Report to Consistory monthly.

Worship Committee Mission Statement

 To provide opportunities to worship God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, also known as Creator, Christ, Comforter and be able to come to God to hear God’s word in proclamation and sacrament, to respond in thanks and be inspired to go forth to serve.

Mission Responsibilities

1.     Recruitment and training of lay liturgist, ushers, greeters, acolytes.
2.   Care and maintenance of church seasonal banners.
3.   Communion elements preparation and clean-up.
4.   Collection and maintenance of Friendship Folders in pews.
5.   Nurturing and caring for children during worship.
6.   Providing for worship of God through music –Choir Director, Organist, Choirs.
7.   Manage, maintain and provide routine and special components of worship church Decorations, flowers on shelf, speaker system, paraments, communion linens, pew rack materials, candles, Palms and Ashes.
8.   Name Tags.

9.   Implement and evaluate weekly and special worship services.

10.   Maintenance and care of organ and piano.

11.   Care and maintenance of all chancel furnishings and worship accouterments.
12Care/maintenance/check on hymnals, bibles, large type hymnals.

Congregational Life Mission Statement

 Congregational Life provides fellowship opportunities for enrichment in Christ and settings and/or events which encourage learning about others in Christ’s church, the community and the world.

Mission Responsibilities

1)   To provide occasions for congregational fellowship to promote a sense of belonging among current members and welcome to visitors through such activities as coffee time, coffee hours, family night suppers, Easter Breakfast, church picnics, etc.

2)   To assist other committees’ activities as they relate to people power for refreshments and fellowship.

3)   To report to the Consistory on a monthly basis.

Stewardship/Finance Mission Statement

To create opportunities for people to respond to God’s love and grace by applying their time, talents and treasures toward furthering the work of Christ in this world.

Mission Responsibilities

1)   To nurture a sense of Christian stewardship.

2)   To further the education of stewardship among the congregation.

3)   To record income and expenses as it compares to the budget.

4)   To report to the Consistory on a monthly basis.
5)   To prepare an annual budget for Consistory approval.
6)   To coordinate an annual pledgecampaign.
7)   To inform the congregation about financial matters.
8)   To administer all church related insurances.
9)     To order and distribute offering envelopes.
10)   To provide for a periodic audit.